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New Build Construction

Unique Paintworx is geared to build your home from scratch. We have aligned ourselves with reliable and quality suppliers to insure that we get the best prices as we build your home. We as owners at Unique Paintworx understand the emotional aspect of building and we have made sure that as we build your house we have installed systems to allow you as our client to have peace of mind.

No building project is the same and it is based on this fact that we plan every job strategically so that the project is executed with as little hickups possible. Although there is never a project without its difficulties, we will do everything to circumvent as much human error as we possibly can.

We just need your call so that we can be part of your dream home becoming a reality.

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Home and Building Renovations

Renovating a home or building can be one of the most stressful processes that a family can go through, no matter who you are. Your home for the duration of the project no longer is a home but a partial construction site. We as Unique Paintworx are the best to assist you in this.

Unique Paintworx know this stress as we have gone through it ourselves and have walked that road with many clients before. With all this in mind, we want you to achieve all your hearts desires for your home with the least stress possible. Unique Paintworx has built many relationships in the industry, allowing us to advise you as the client as to what will be the best process in your home renovation. We are able to put you directly in contact with suppliers so that you are able to get discounted rates on some fixtures and fittings, any money saved is a bonus.

Please call us so that we can help you transform your building into what you dream.

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Painting and Redecorating

Painting is painting as many contractors say. Although that statement has some validity, it should not be taken as fact. Unique Paintworx understands paint and is the best to help you.

Unique Paintworx has been focused on understanding painting a little more than the average painter as we wanted to be the best prepared when painting our clients buildings or houses. The staff at Unique Paintworx is expected to know what paint is needed on the given substrate our client is wanting us to paint. The reason for this is, if we do not apply the paint correctly, you as our client will not get a product guarantee from the supplier. Unique Paintworx will advise you as best possible.

It would be great to get involved with your painting project. All we need is your name and number.

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Water can be the biggest blessing in a person’s life, but when that water is on a war path it can be the reason for many thousands of rands going down the drain. Unique Paintworx has the answers for you.

Unique Paintworx has been focusing on waterproofing closely as we have learnt so many tricks of the trade over the years. What many people think is that waterproofing is waterproofing, however, some people don’t know that if a waterproofing system is not used correctly, you could be causing more damage that doing good. We at Unique Paintworx take that responsibility away from you and will be able to advise and install the most appropriate waterproofing system for you.

We can fix that leak, we just need you to call and tell us where it is.

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From carpets to tiles, wood to epoxy, Unique Paintworx understands them all.

Flooring if not done correctly can destroy any aesthetic look or feel of a room. Unique Paintworx does not want to let that happen to you. We have gained experience and product knowledge in most flooring systems. This is an area where we often see the need to assist clients in what they are wanting to achieve. What we often find is that clients want to achieve a look and feel, however sometimes don’t have the funds. We will always do our very best to assist you in getting that look and feel by showing you alternatives if it is necessary.

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Special Coatings

Many people want to separate their house or building from the rest. This gets us excited as we are able to assist.

When doing special coating like for instance epoxy or wall coatings, it is imperative that the contractor and supplier have a good working relationship so that you can get the desired result. Unique Paintworx has built all those relationships already and we know that we are able to make your dream a reality.

Please let us know what it is that you want to do and we will come meet with you and discuss the project.

Let us make your dreams come true

Please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.